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What is GinZing?

A revitalising blend of Gordon's special dry gin and vital herb extracts.

The botanical expertise used to produce Gordon's Gin has been applied to this unique drink: a stimulating combination of Brazilian Guarana, Korean Ginseng, Schizandra and other natural herbs, each noted for their revitalising properties, giving a distinctly different "uplifting" effect.

What are the effects of these vital herbs?

Ginseng...is a mental stimulant whose main effect is to decrease sensitivity to stress, helping you to restore your body and mind.
Guarana...the benefits are numerous, traditionally used by Indians from the Amazon to delay fatigue and hunger, it is now regarded by Brazilians as an all-purpose tonic to relieve stress.
Schizandra...is recognised as a nervous system booster as it increases working capacities whilst concurrently reducing mental fatigue.
Muira Puama...has proved to be a potent nerve stimulant. It is also reputed in Brazil to be one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs.
Wolfberry...is a tonic herb which is said to boost cheerfulness and vitality and even has a reputation as a longevity enhancer.
Taurine...is believed to 'transmit excitement biologically' and aid digestion.

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