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OFFICE: We have permanent office space which we try to keep open Monday to Friday 10am (ish) till 5pm. Although it may not seem very glamorous, it is an important part of our work. We receive up to 80 letters per week and countless phonecalls a day wanting information etc. Fridays is the best day to get familiar with what's going on as that's the day SchNEWS is distributed round the country. Ring us for more details: (01273) 685913

MONDAYS. Carry on Gardening at the Justice? allotments. We have 3 plots behind Moulsecombe Railway Station. Come and learn all about forest gardening, chill out , spot lizards, slow worms, frogs, get a suntan. 1pm onwards every Monday

TUESDAYS Spare day

WEDNESDAYS Justice? meet every week 7 pm (ish) at the Nunnery, 75 Landsdown Rd, Hove (if evicted then at New Kensington Pub, Kensington Gardens)

THURSDAYS Hectic SchNEWS day at the office. SchNEWS is Justice?'s weekly newsletter all about the Criminal Justice Act and other related bits'n'bobs. Not so much written as sampled, customised, edited - so you don't even have to be a top notch journalist to get involved. Thursdays are the main day it's put together in the office, but we need people all week to chase up stories, research, write more in-depth articles.

FRIDAYS Fridays is printing day. 9-11am at the Resource Centre (unless it's a double-issue then it's in London). After printing, SchNEWS is then mailed out to subscribers around the country at the office. 12 noon. Someone needed to bike it round Brighton delivering to various shops/cafes/pubs.

Distribution: we really need one or two people on the case to make sure the SchNEWS is at major events/actions/festivals/student unions/parties. Also targetting new outlets. For example our recent stuff on police confiscating sound systems we made sure went to record shops and party organisations. If you are off to a festie/demo grab a handful of SchNEWS from the New Kensington.

SchNEWS LIVE! Fancy yourself as a newsreader? have good ideas for stunts? Live every Friday at the New Kensington Pub 5.45pm

SATURDAYS The Justice? stall is often out on the streets on this day. Help run it - or if you are aristically inclinded help design it and keep it looking smart.

SUNDAYS Chill out - go to the drumming on the beach by the West Pier

RAPID RESPONSE UNIT PHONE TREE Want to join the Justice? rent-a-mob posse? Get on the phone-tree and find out fast where the action is.
MEDIA Keeping Justice?, the CJA and related issues high on the media agenda. As well as people willing to write features for magazines, speak on tv/radio.......
FUNDRAISING: Justice? is run on a shoestring hand-to mouth budget . We desperately need people to organise benefit gigs and raves.
TRANSPORT: Currently without transport. We need a new van.
SQUATTING: (SchLETS) We have a whole squatting pack on squatting as well as a list of empty properties in Brighton. Need to keep this updated and to give squatting advice.
DEFENCE: Working with the Legal Defence Monitoring Group to support people arrested/imprisoned.
THE BOOK produced by Justice? written by the groups themselves. The second edition of the comprehensive directory of anti CJA groups is out now. We need to expand this and keep it updated.

The CJA affects many different groups. We need people to specialise in certain areas such as PARTIES (what's going on around the country, how the CJA is being enforced, making sure Justice ? is present at events.). TRAVELLERS (liasing with Brighton Friends and Families of Travellers, chasing up stories around the country). ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTIVITIES (keeping in touch with Brightlingsea, Dover etc.) TRADE UNIONS, FOOTIE FANS, GAY GROUPS, PEACE CAMPAIGNERS. etc....working with local action groups such as those opposing the sell off of the Downs These people could all feed back info to the SchNEWS and meetings
INTERNET: Help get the SchNEWS on-line and check for mail/possible articles for the SchNEWS
DESK TOP PUBLISHING : We have the technology - would you like to learn?
PLUS - CONSCIOUS CINEMA: Uncomfortably close to the Justice? office (actually, next door) produce a monthly direct action/ environmental video. People need to film/be filmed (mediatarts only need apply!),go to festies, write letters....

Brighton's Campaing in Defiance of the Criminal Injustice Act
c/o 6 Tilbury Place, Brighton, East Sussex BN2 2GY