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list of links

e-zines and related sites:
Mixmag - web version of the indispensable DJ mag
Electronic Tangent
Hyperreal - home to alternative culture, music & expression. Loads of rave scene info as well as info. on drugs and links galore!
UK Dance - mailing list site for anyone interested in UK Dance scene. Reviews. Links to other sites.
State 51 - what can I say? suffice to say that this is a London based techno directed offering. Very good too.
HotWired - Wired magazine's on-line site
N-Touch London College of Fashion's on-line style magazine
Rage - on-line style e-zine

interesting and bizarre sites:
Try this link out to take you to a variety of English sites
The Timothy Leary and Robert Anton Wilson Show
The CIA site - no jokes, just don't be too paranoid when visiting this one
More paranoia this way - as you look into the 50 Greatest Conspiracies of All Time
Mr Potatoe Head (Mr Potatoe Head on drugs should be a lesson to us all!)
The Bazooka Joe Page
Road Runner HomePage
SCHWAnline - for your protection...

sporting links:
Brighton & Hove Albion Campaign website - 'nuff said. Check it out.
Brighton & Hove Albion - another (unofficial) website!
Brighton & Hove Albion - and another (unofficial) website!
CyberSoccer - Fantasy Football On-Line
Football Fans Against the Criminal Justice Act
Real Fans On The Internet - Football website for us who don't support trendy (and rich) clubs
Toy Machine (sk8 products)
Beer City Skateboards
Burton Snowboards

Brighton links:
SPIKE - literary/cultural cyberzine (from Brighton)
The Latest - Brightons fortnightly newspaper/listings mag website
HedWeb - Brighton website
NEON ANGEL - electronic graffiti media
Brighton graffiti site
Virtual Brighton - the site dedicated to reproducing Brighton on-line

campaigning sites:
Hoosier Slim's Wobbly Homepage - many links to issues you should be interested in
Mitch's Environmental Action Page - more issues and info with the help of Mitch
Mitch's Environmental Action Bulletin Board - and more! check it out - and act! as he says himself "experience is knowledge, everything else is information"
SINN FEIN - why not get your news from the horses mouth
WebActive - What's New in Activism Online
Steve's Alternative Housing Archive
Nizkor - anti-fascist information site
Earth First!
Earth First! - Manchester
Southern studios - bands info/tour info/record labels etc
Simon Sutherland - jailed graffiti artist site
Stonehenge - campaign site
Red Pepper - political magazine website

partying related sites:
Finland Rave Info page
Zilch - Amsterdam party organisers Zilch & Radical Rehousing

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